Glamping Amongst Wildflowers

Glamping Amongst Wildflowers

Cape Town and in actual fact the entire South Africa have currently got so much to be thankful for. The Cape has been blessed with its desperately needed rain and there is light at the end of this scary tunnel called drought. In the spirit of rain and because it’s the end of July and we can start looking forward to spring, let’s go on a flower filled adventure.

Each year when spring hits, the Cape delivers proof of the winter rains in the form of flowers, hundreds of beautiful; colourful flowers. There are many ways to experience this gorgeous phenomenon and people come from all over the country, continent and globe to see this botanical masterpiece.

What is better than witnessing a masterpiece? How about living amongst it. Wild Flowers Camp offers and exclusive once in a life-time glamping experience in Berg River in the West Coast. Situated on the banks of the Berg River only 150kms from Cape Town, Kersefontein is an 18th Century Cape Dutch farm that is still to this day owned and farmed by the  Melck Family. The farm is stunning with wild horses and endless views.


There are only three camp dates as these holidays are obviously season specific. These dates are:

  • August 24th – 26th, 2018
  • August 28th – 30th, 2018
  • August 31st – 2nd, 2018


This area is home to 1200 species of wild flower seeds hidden beneath the Sandveld. These seeds are just waiting for the winter rain to wash them wet so they can sprout into magnificently coloured flowers. There will be a hive of Bird life activity as this ecosystem welcomes the new season.


This is the camping experience for those of us who are less happy Campers. It is camping in absolute style. Everything is taken care of, from a super comfy bed to stylish décor to a breath-taking view.

Live beautifully and free amongst the wildflowers…


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