Five Golden Rules for Single Travellers

1. Be open minded

Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to absorb and reflect on experiences that have the ability to broaden your way of thinking without having someone else laying their opinions on you first. There are so many precious African cultures and communities you’ll encounter while on a safari in Africa, each with their own customs and traditions. If you’re heading out on solo travel, take the opportunity to travel with an open mind and watch yourself grow.

2. Don’t deviate from the plan… too much

It’s important that before your travel commences you have all your flights, accommodation and transport booked so that when you are scheduled to arrive at a lodge on a specific day, you arrive. If you don’t check-in when you’re supposed to, the lodge will be able to follow-up on your whereabouts. It’s a great safety net to have – knowing that there are people awaiting your arrival. An adventure isn’t as fun when you have to stick to a schedule religiously, so if you enjoy flexibility, be spontaneous with your daily activities in between check-ins.

3. Use a reputable company to book your travel

When you’re planning to travel in a foreign country it’s always best to use a company that you can trust so that you’re not left stranded at any point during your trip. If you’re browsing online and aren’t sure whether you can trust a company or not, check for a phone number where you can contact the office directly… and phone. Previous customer reviews are also a great way to decide whether or not to book your holiday with a company. Thanks to social media, you’re also able to meet the company’s personality online and check whether they make regular and valuable social media updates.

4. Always carry a travel diary

As a solo traveller it’s all up to you and your camera to remember your moments in Africa. There’s no other-half to remind you three years down the line of the honey badger that nicked your toiletry bag. Carrying a travel diary is a brilliant way of capturing the little things (and the big things) so that when someone asks you about your trip, whether it’s one month, or one year after you trip, you’ll be able to tell them!

5. Watch the G&Ts

As a single traveller, you’re the only one who can watch your back, so it’s always a good idea to limit the amount of alcohol you consume while travelling alone. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your fair share of sundowner cocktails while peering out over the African landscape from the safety of your lodge. However, if you’re out, or in an urban area opt for sober fun and general safety measures when travelling to ensure your own safety.

Travelling on your own is a hugely enriching experience and isn’t an experience one should be nervous about. If you stick to the golden rules of single travel you can expect nothing but a memorable, safe journey worth writing home about.

by Dalene Ingham-Brown


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