El Giza – Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza are the oldest and most intact of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. It is still one of the world’s great mysteries. There is an incredibly spooky ambience about it and whatever your theory as to how this ancient civilization built such an extraordinarily colossal construction, it`s definitely a must-have experience.

The average decent hotels in Cairo are quite nice and extremely well priced. When taking this and all your options into account, it really is a trip that should not break the budget.

There are several ways to experience the amazing Pyramids. Listen carefully to the history of the pyramids as it only adds to the magic and wonder that accompany them.

At night a light show is hosted at the Pyramids and I have to say this is truly breath-taking. Lights and colourful images are displayed on the pyramids as it tells a beautiful story to the absolute delight of the crowd. It is super safe as there are policeman everywhere. This is a unique and fun way to experience the pyramids that the kids will also love.


Circling the Pyramids by day truly gives you an idea of how huge these constructions really are. I would recommend getting an experienced guide beforehand. This can be quite tiring by foot especially if you take into account the exasperating Cairo heat. I would suggest you do it on a camel. It also helps to put some distance between you and the hawkers and it`s super fun being in Egypt on a Camel. Do remember a hat and hydration.

When it comes to food it really is worth it to go local. Egyptian cuisine is awesome. Zooba is a funky authentic Egyptian restaurant and a very safe choice when trying this type of food for the first time. It has an awesome atmosphere and deliciously cooked meals. The Koshari (a local pasta rice combination dish with vegetables and sauce) comes highly recommended as does the taa’meyya (falafel).


Experience the wonder of Egypt and visit Cairo.

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