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Rich in natural & cultural history Johannesburg caters for each individual specific need.

From history museums such as The Apartheids Museum and the Hector Pieteson Museum to art museums such as Johannesburg Art Gallery and the Museum Africa which covers the history of the City of Johannesburg the city is full of rich art and history.

To get a feel of nature you can visit the Johannesburg Zoo which is one of the largest zoo’s in South Africa with over 1000 different animals.

The Johannesburg Civic Theatre produces live entertainment which presents first class theatre both local and international.

Visit Soweto, with over 2 million people this is a cultural village not to miss. Enjoy African Culture at its best. Visit the homes of Former President nelson Mandela and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu which is located in Soweto township. The Lesedi Cultural Village will open your mind and heart to the diversity of cultures in South Africa, from the Basotho’s, Ndebele’s, Pedi’s, Zulu’s and Xhosa’s this traditional village is top class.

Johannesburg is every shoppers dream destination. With Top Class international and local shops this city caters for everyone and everything.

From the glamorous Sandton Shopping Centre and Nelson Mandela Square to the Oriental Plaza and not to miss Rosebank Flea Market, Johannesburg is definitely a shopper’s wonderland.