Darling Wildflowers

Each year as winter draws to an end the Western Cape is suddenly painted with the most beautiful colours and patterns nature has to offer. It’s green all around as the rain has covered the landscape and there is no better time to visit the Cape. A very special place to experience this colour craze is in the beautiful town of Darling. Darling needs no introduction as the name says is all. It’s located on the west coast road just outside of Cape Town and is well worth the trip.

Each year around this time Darling host it’s annual wildflower show. This is the perfect place to go if you want to do more than just see the flowers.

The Darling wildflower show has a detailed display area where real life examples are given of almost each flower that grows wild in the Cape. Here you can see which plants are “related” to one another as well as the scientific names of the plants.

They also offer a tractor ride to go see the actual wildflowers in the field. This is absolutely breath taking as you can only see flowers for miles to come. Flowers of all different shapes, sizes and colours can be see growing together and complimenting each other.

darling 2

At the wildflower show there is also a wide selection of food and drink. The options are endless. There is traditional Cape cuisine, Greek cuisine, takeaways and many more. You can also not leave Darling without indulging in a Darling Brewery Beer. They have a couple of different options to choose from so weather you like a lager or a ale, there is a beer for you. The cool thing is that it is made right in Darling so you can’t get much more local than that. There are also a number of champagnes on tap if you prefer a bubbly.


Let the Cape take your breath away in the beautiful town of Darling..

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