Cultural Experiences Part 2

In our quest to experience first-hand or from nearby the cultures of those alien to us we have crossed borders all over the African continent. It is an extremely large continent though and the numbers of different cultures are many. Remember that we prefer to stick to what is true and natural and stay away from the pretentious cultural experiences.

Mozambique is a beautiful country in Africa that has endured a lot of suffering, of which the worst was the brutal civil war. As Mozambique was colonialized by the Portuguese they have a very strong influence in the country. The architecture and cuisine feels especially right out of Portugal. The locals in Mozambique live of the land as most formal business centres were wrecked by the war. They very much still rely on fishing and the Ibo Dhow Safari is a great way to experience the true Mozambiquen fisherman’s culture. This is not staged and these people truly live off of the fish they catch every day.


When visiting Tanzania there are a number of cultural experiences you can have. As the country is so largely populated and most of the people living there are in rural areas, interaction is quite easy. Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge has commanding views over Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley, and the northern end of Lake Manyara National Park, 300m below. This is a very good base camp to experience some of the multiple cultural experiences in the area. You can go on a scenic bike ride or you can go on a hike to a local village. Here you can see a number of places such as schools, farms and churches. A guide will give you information as to how the different systems work. The lodge is clear and comfortable and also employs locals.

It is important when visiting a under developed country to truly think about what you are investing and where it is going. Support local and happy travels!

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