Cultural Experiences in Africa Part 1

Africa is obviously widely known and popular for its magnificent safari experiences. Africa is more than just safari though. It is a continent that has endured great struggle but at the same time it is a continent that has come an extremely far way. The culture is diverse, interesting and beautiful. We are not interested in fake cultural experiences where local people are made to dance and entertain tourists. The experiences we are interested in are those that give you true insight into how people live who have a completely contrasting culture compared to your own. Step into the lives of Africans…

Kenya is a country with extreme cultural wealth. Not only is it one of the top safari destinations in the world it is also one of the best countries to have a cultural experience in. Kenya has a wide range of communities whereof the Maasai, Samburu, Turkana and Swahili are only a view. A very special place to have a cultural experience in Kenya is at Desert Rose which is located on Mount Nyiru, 50km south of Lake Turkana. The location is stunning and there is much to be learnt about the Sambura Tribe.

Just entering Malawi is a cultural experience in itself. The country is quite densely populated so you will have plenty of interactions with locals. The Malawians are known for their friendliness and hospitality and you with feel right at home in their beautiful country. Likoma Island in Malawai is home to local villages and local managed lodges. Kaya Mawa is one of the most beautiful lodges on the Island. The rooms are stretched out on a beautiful sandy beach with gorgeous views of the water. The Island is an excellent place to witness how local people live.


Africa is extremely rich in culture and there are more cultural experiences to come!

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