Cool and Unusuel Things to do in South Africa

As travellers we are often most rewarded by the sights and places that don`t always appear on the brochures. South Africa is such a diverse and intricate country you need to look beyond the typical touristy places to truly see into the heart of the country.

First on the list will definitely get all of the bookworms excited. Collectors Treasury, located in the CBD area of Johannesburg in Gauteng. This place is the largest shop selling rare and used books in Africa. It is absolutely breath-taking and without a doubt a book lovers paradise. Each inch of this building is crammed with written gold and it is a place you can easily get lost in for hours at a time. Getting through it all is impossible so don`t even try. Just wander to where your interest takes you.

Collectors-Treasury IMG_1890

The second fun and interesting thing to do is located in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town. Here are loads of fun and interesting things to do but this one is a favourite. In Observatory, which is a part of Cape Town, is a little venue that often host events. Each Thursday night they host a poetry reading which is an absolute must if you enjoy listening to excellent poetry whilst drinking awesome wine and having a delicious meal.


Each Saturday, on rooftop in the Johannesburg CBD area, there is a market which is the third cool and unusual thing to do in South Africa. With a very hipster vibe and a layed back feel this is the perfect place to spend your Saturday in the city. The market features over 100 local speciality stalls including gourmet food and desserts, mason jar drinks, craft beers, vintage clothing stores, jewellery and live music.


South Africa is such an interesting place with such interesting people. Get out of the very touristy places and enjoy the local vibe.

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