Cape Verde – Atlantic Island

While we are on the topic of Islands and the whole of Africa I think needs a distraction from this ice cold winter, allow me to introduce to you the one of the Atlantic Oceans most beautifully Islands, Cape Verde. Never heard of it? It is located 570 kilometres (350 mi) west of the Cape Verde Peninsula in West Africa, the islands(because again this is not one but a cluster of Islands) cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi).

Cape Verde consists of nine volcanic Islands. A really cool thing about this Island is that the temperature remains moderate but the water remains warm, they do not experience cold streams. There was also a brand new international airport built which makes travel to and from this beautiful little Island easy.

This amazing Island is a breath-taking contrast of spectacular mountain ranges dropping into tranquil white sandy beaches. The sun shines year round so you do not have to plan your holiday around the weather.

Each Island has its own unique charm and vibe. Obviously water-sports is a big thing on the Island and can be participated in all over.

The Island Sal is one of the most popular Islands. Miles of beautiful tropical beaches can be blamed for its popularity. It is also an awesome Island for participating in water sports. This is the one of the top Islands to visit when on holiday with the family as there is something to do for everyone. The Island has beautiful hiking trails, amazing fish to see whilst snorkelling, great swimming beaches and much more.

When going to Cape Verde as a single or maybe a young couple, I would suggest Sao Vicente. This Island is known for its nightlife and vibey beach bars. It also has stunning old architecture.


There is so much still to be written about Cape Verde so this is to be continued…

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