Cape Verde – Atlantic Island, Part 2

As promised we will explore the stunning Islands of Cape Verde even more intensely. As you know there are nine inhabited Islands and they each have their own unique charm.

Cape Verde is also known for its game fishing. The very busy waters of Cape Verde attracts game fishermen from all over. Between March and August is the prime-time for Marlin and Sailfish fishing. The species that have been caught in these waters are endless and it is definitely a location a game fisherman at heart can add to his bucket list.

As we have already covered Sal and Sao Vicente, let`s take a look at some of the other Islands.

Boavista is a beautiful Island that is famous for its beautiful long stretches of beach. When visiting this Island, the Royal Decameron Boavista, comes highly recommended. This four star hotel offers nothing but luxury and relaxation. It is situated on a private beach. The hotel has a stunning, huge pool looking out on the endless Atlantic Ocean. The rooms are spacious and the variety of food is endless.

Santo Antão is an Island that will make you feel like you have just stepped into the movie “King Kong”. The mountains and cliffs are all covered in lush green branches and vines, absolutely breath taking. The Aldeia Manga Eco Lodges are nestled right in the middle of all this awesome greenery! Built out of stone and adobe, these traditionally styled properties are clean and comfortable. There is a natural swimming pond nearby and it also is the connecting point to various hiking roots.


Santiago is a bigger Island which also makes for more variety. Be sure to check out all the old towns and buildings. The King Fisher Resort just outside of Tarrafal is a very special place to stay on this Island. This thing that makes these chalets unique is the fact that they are built on a cliff looking down on the amazing turquoise blue water surrounding the Islands. A once in a lifetime experience.


Visit Cape Verde and explore this undiscovered treasure.

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