Blyde River Canyon South Africa

In Mpumalanga in South is a treasure that is well hidden. A 260-sq-km reserve centres on the 30km-long Blyde River Canyon. The magnificent river runs right past gigantic rock formations. These formations are all surrounded by the most amazing and lush forestry you have ever seen. The beautiful contrast of sky, rock and earth makes it one of the best places in South Africa to photograph.

In the reserve there is a walking trail leading to a swimming waterfall. As amazing as the destination sounds that is how amazing the journey is. The trail leads through thick forestry along a small stream. The water cobbling over the rocks accompanied by birds singing and the slight chime of the leaves makes this trail one of the most peaceful trails out there. It`s not too long and just as you get tired you reach the beautiful waterfall. The ice cold mountain water is just what you need to freshen up and cool down. Remember to pack a picnic basket with water and snacks as you most likely will not want to leave this spot anytime soon.

The drive up to the top is stunning and lush. This area stays green year round. Be advised to drive slowly as the wildlife tends to run or jump over the road. When you reach the top the view of the Blyde Dam is absolutely breath-taking. You can see how spectacularly big this dam actually is. If you come in the right time of the year you can even see the dam wall overflowing and the spray traveling kilometres beyond the actual wall. Here is also a little museum that is open business hours about the animals found in the reserve. In this area there are also cement picnic tables if you would like to enjoy a meal.

A beautiful place and a must if you are in the area!

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