Blos Cafe Pretoria

The winter is here and I am sure that everyone living in Gauteng will agree that we can all feel it. The outdoor braais and picnics will have to come to an end as will the outdoor brunches. There is however a place that offers refuge from this cold and this place is the Blos Café in Pretoria.

Blos Café is a restaurant in Pretoria and it is perfect for any occasion. Let’s start with the atmosphere. What absolutely made my day when I stepped into this picturesque restaurant was the fire-place. It immediately creates a welcoming ambience and warms up the entire restaurant. The interior is anything and everything. They have classic element combined with modern element combined with contemporary elements. A mess of a whole bunch of different styles somehow complementing each other perfectly.

The breakfast menu is just what you want from a breakfast menu. They have added a twist to the traditional recipes we all know and love, making it interesting yet not doing away with the key elements. The coffee is amazing and to me that is a game changer.

This place is absolutely perfect for brunch as the menu has such a wide variety. From burgers to salads with everything in between. Nothing on their menu is boring though. You can be sure to find some interesting and new dishes. The Marrow Bone comes highly recommended if you have not had it before. They also have quite an impressive collection of wines.

Café Blos can also be rented out as a wedding venue. With a beautiful garden and chapel to match this is the perfect place to celebrate the best day of your life.

The venue is also available for parties and catering can also be arranged.

The restaurant forms part of a B & B so if you are not from town, stay over! It’s colourful, eclectic and central in Pretoria.

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