Best WaterParks in South Africa

Summer is upon us! The heat comes sudden and South Africa becomes humid and green. The best Africa has to offer is about to be revealed. Some are more accustomed to the heat than other, so here is where to go get the best out of the heat.

First things first, safety. The heat has targeted many a victim so rather be safe than sorry. It is important to constantly remain hydrated even if you do not experience thirst. Always have a sufficient amount of water with you. Secondly, sunblock. Never forget sunblock and reapply regularly. Thirdly is shade. Make sure to get out of the heat and in to the sun every now and again.

Now for the fun part. Waterparks! South Africa has a whole lot of super-fun waterparks and we will be looking at which one best suites your and obviously your children’s needs.


 This one is definitely the number one Waterpark is South Africa. The variety of slides is huge. It promises to entertain visitors from 50 to 3. They have the highest slide in all of South Africa called the ‘Drop Zone” that has a 18 meter drop. Not an adrenaline junky, not a problem. They also have a stunning aquarium built in a ship wreck. The location of this waterpark is literally right on the beach so you could also go catch some waves if you would feel like it.

ushaka marine world


Sun City is like a complete different, ancient city you have just walked into. The building and architecture is amazing. The rides are awesome and there is a giant, wave-simulating pool that imitates the ocean called the valley of the waves. This place is so gigantic that it is impossible not to find something to do. From rides to pools to a casino to shows and an amazing hotel to top it all off.

Sun city


In the middle of this busy city lies tons of fun to be had. Swimming pools, water ride, put-put and sandcastles. Escape the hustle and bustle of Gauteng and come cool down with the kids in this family-friendly waterpark.

wild waters


This Park is situated on one of the most popular beaches in the Western Cape, this one is definitely a winner. With both wet and dry activities, awesome cuisine and a view to die for, you are sure to be very impressed.


Don’t let the heat defeat you this summer. Show it whose boss, cool down and get a little wet in one of South Africa’s favourite waterparks.

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