Best Countries to Travel to for an unbelievable safari Experience in 2019

Africa is obviously best known for the amazing wildlife and safari experiences to be had. Some countries are however making it more exciting and more luxurious for the guest. Here are the countries you should definitely add to your safari travel bucket list:

South Africa is, according to overall ratings, the best country to travel to for a safari experience. The reasons are multiple. For a start, there are very good training schools and intern programs for game rangers. It is one thing to experience a sighting but a whole different thing to have an academic and practical background knowledge to accompany what you have just experienced. There is also currently being put a significant amount of money into conservation. Kwandwe Lodge in South Africa has been awarded with the Best Safari Experience award in London. Kwandwe is located in the Eastern Cape Area and is made up of 26 rooms – a mixture of lodges and villas – over 22,000 hectares. The game viewing is spectacular and the property and accommodation is beautiful, modern and extremely comfortable without removing key elements of the bush.

Uganda is the other country on our list for a bunch of different reasons. For a start, it has a lot less tourist traffic. It almost has the feel of an undiscovered gem. Uganda is the only country in the world where you can walk with and track the amazing Gorilla. The experience is something you will never forget. The culture of Uganda is also extremely interesting as there are tribes who have, in a sense, remained completely wild. In Uganda you will experience lush, green forestry that cannot be experienced anywhere else in world.


So do not wait, book that plane ticket and make 2019 your year of discovering Africa!

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