Beaches on the South African Wild Coast

When travelling to South Africa tourists often seem to focus on Cape Town and the bushveld exclusively. The beautiful wild coast is often forgotten. I am about to show you why you can absolutely not afford to miss the beautiful wild coast and all it has to offer. Here is a list of some of the best beaches situated on the wild coast.

Double Mouth Beach is situated close to Morgan Bay. It is a beautiful long stretch of white sandy beach. Picturesque and perfect to for a day under the sun. This is also a very popular spot for bird watchers. Birds to look out for include crowned eagles, fish eagles and kingfishers.

Double Mouth Beach

Haga Haga Beach is situated in the small fisherman’s village of Haga Haga on the wild coast. It surrounded by stunning lakes, valleys and rivers. The isolation of this beach is what makes it so special. It truly offers you the opportunity to escape daily life. It is perfect for swimming, canoeing, sailing, and relaxing in the warm rock pools.

haga haga beach

Chintsa Beach is a wild coast favourite and it is easy to see why. This beautiful stretch of white sandy beach is divided by a pristine river estuary. This beach is popular because of all the warm rock pools that have become very frequently visited by vacation goers. It is also very popular among surfers and kite suffers for its waves. It is a very safe swimming beach which also adds to the attraction.

Chintsa Beach

Mdumbi Beach is definitely the most isolated of all of the beaches on our list. Die hard surfers travel here to catch some of the best waves the South African coast line has to offer. This place is something really special. It is a small beach situated at the bottom of rolling green hills and local village. Definitely worth the travel.

Do not miss out all that the beautiful wild coast has to offer!


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