Beach Holiday in Kenya

It`s December! This means that the whole of Africa has officially defrosted and everyone is ready to hit the beach. There is nothing like a warm coastal breeze and the cool ocean water to acquire some sweet relief from the warm African sun. Well, Kenya has just the beach for you! Yes you read right, Kenya! Kenya might be known for its diverse culture, amazing colours and breath-taking safaris but it also has a stunning, lesser known, coastal side.


Watamu Kenya looks something straight off a desktop screen saver. It consists of while sandy beaches and sky blue water. Watamu is a coastal town that has the typical family-holiday feel. There is so much to do here and it helps that the scenery around you is gorgeous whilst participating in these activities. A must do when in Watamu is building up all your courage to go jump off the jumping off point in Arabuko Sokoke Forest. The forest will make you feel like you are in a fairy-tale wonderland with creeks and greenery consuming the entire landscape. The Gede Ruins can also be found in this forest. It is a very surreal experience and one you can definitely not miss out on. The ruins are an ancient Swahili archaeological site and offer a great historical insight into the coastline of Kenya.


Mida Creek is also definitely a must see site. This Creek is a whopping 32 kilometres long. It is home to many species of fish and feeding sea turtles, while in the mangroves, smaller streams and inlets provide a refuge for crabs and birdlife. Therefor it is a birders paradise. It is also a very popular site for wildlife photography.


The Watamu Beach remains the most stunning and beautiful part of the area and I would highly recommend you spend most of your time here. It is the type of beach of you would expect to find in the Maldives or Mauritius. Come to Watamu for your unique African summer beach holiday.

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