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South Africa is extremely rich in not only, minerals and culture, but history as well. So much has happened and so much is yet to happen. South Africans take pride in our history and the struggles we have had to endure and because of this everything was very well documented. We don`t have to fight in wars or be slaves to experience history, we can just stroll through intricate isles in beautiful old buildings and learn all about it.

District Six Museum

Located in Cape Town this museum only Cost R55 entry. District Six is a place in Cape Town where 6000 people who were not white were forced to relocate because of the colour of their skin. This museum offers a unique insight as to what those people had to endure as they were forced to move to the Cape Flats. Poor and robbed of their homes the people in the Cape Flats lived in dangerous circumstances.

District Six Museum

District Six Museum

SAB World of beer

This museum mixes history with a South African favourite, beer. The museum is located in Johannesburg and it tells you the story of the history of South Africa’s legendary beer. Entry is R115 and no under 18’s are allowed.



Iziko’s South African museum

This museum is located in the Company Gardens in Cape Town. It is South Africa’s oldest museum being established in 1825. Entry is only R 30.
This museums includes subjects of Historical and Cultural importance. They house more than one and a half million specimens’.

Albany Museum

The Albany Museum is a natural History museum in Gamestown. It is the second oldest museum in South Africa so everything from the specimens’ to the architecture is ancient.


This n based museum is really a sight to see. Characterised by colourful houses and steep cobbled streets. Situated here is a historical area that became home to Muslims and freed slaves. Entry is only R20 so it won’t even break the budget. 


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