Ambre Resort and Spa, Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful little African Island in the Indian Ocean. It is tropically beautiful as you would expect but it is so much more than that. The Mauritians are extremely proud of their little country and it is not hard to imagine why. On this little piece of paradise lies Ambre Resort and Spa, a paradise in itself.

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Ambre is an all-inclusive resort and it really caters to all the needs you may possibly have. The hospitality of the Mauritian people and especially the Ambre staff is truly something worth mentioning. They are always very helpful and very professional.

Ambre has a boat house that is stocked with equipment purely for the entertainment of the guests. They supply everything from glass bottom boats to paddle board and everything in-between. For only 1000 rupees you can even water-ski which is absolutely amazing as you have a beautiful view of the beach. Ambre has its own private natural beach which is beautifully preserved and for the use of the guests only.



There is quite a selection of food at the stunning resort. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in a buffet at the main restaurants. Traditional Mauritian food with a modern twist is served here and it is really amazing. There are two other restaurants, a bar and a club. The options are endless you can never get bored.


What’s awesome about Ambre it that there is always something going on. If it’s not a cooking class at the beach bar it’s water-aerobic. There are beach power walks every morning and constant classes in the fitness centre which is by the way an awesome fitness centre.


The Spa is not included in your all inclusive but definitely worth spending some money on. Nothing is more relaxing that getting a massage with a full ocean view and the sound of the waves in the background. Tranquillity at its best.



Ambre Resort and Spa will take care of all your stress and show you the beauty of Mauritius.

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