Adventures with Elephants – Bella Bella

Elephants are such intricate animals. They have shown to possess compassion and the ability to feel sadness and joy. They carry all the oldest secrets of the bush and they are currently under threat. As numbers of elephants have decreased by some 350% in the last 70 years and by 110 000 elephants in the last ten years (Great Elephant Census) due to poaching and habitat loss it is very important that the safety of these magnificent creatures are taken into our own hands. This is exactly what Adventures with Elephants have done.

The Elephant is an expensive animal to keep on a game farm and they can be very destructive. Their space in the ever modernizing Africa is shirking and they need to be fought for. Visiting the beautiful farm where Adventures with Elephants is located in Bella Bella can be your small contribution towards the safety of the African Elephant.

On the farms these animals call their home giraffe, wildebeest, red hartebeest, kudu, waterbuck, impala, eland, zebra, ostriches and warthogs can be found. The elephants share 300 hectares of bushveld.

Adventures with Elephants will give you an Elephant interaction like no other. It is more than just touching and feeling the animals, it is truly interacting with them on an emotional level. The guides aim to give each guest a memorable experience with the animals as well as knowledge as to how these animals live.

They also offer a very unique activity they call the “Elephant Spa”. This means splashing and playing with these gigantic animals in the water under the hot African sun. It sounds like a dream doesn`t it?


They also offer a very educational safari.

Visit Adventures with Elephants to do your part in saving the pride of Africa, our Ndlovu, the African Elephant.

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