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Ngala Safari Lodge

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Ngala Private Game Reserve, the first to be incorporated into the renowned Kruger National Park, offers exclusive traversing rights within 15 000 hectares (37 100 acres) of untouched wilderness. With this much space and sharing an unfenced border with the Kruger National Park, Ngala is a wondrous place to track and discover Africa’s Big 5, as well as other wildlife species, great and small, including the endangered wild dog. A flat landscape on the Lowveld with undulating crests serves as an ideal haven for game drive and walking experiences.

Protected by a living canopy of immense mopane and tamboti trees, Ngala Safari Lodge carves out a set of intimate, elegant spaces sheltered in harmonious seclusion by the thick vegetation. Twenty thatched cottages with shaded verandas nestle among the trees, ensuring the perfect privacy of your retreat. The two-bedroom Family Suite, with its own swimming pool, as well as dedicated vehicle and ranger, makes for an exclusive family getaway.

Each drive and specialist walking activityis a unique experience with a touch of exclusiveness that will leave you feeling like you’re a part of something extra special. Prime territory for Africa’s Big 5, a wildlife experience at Ngala Private Game Reserve also includes spectacular sightings of incredibly huge herds. Driving through such a large traversing area at Ngala makes for an unbelievable experience when coming across large herds of elephant or buffalo. These are what safari memories are made of. At Ngala literally anything can happen on a single drive and your unique memory of it is sure to remain with you for always

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