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Cape Cadogan

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The Cape Cadogan offers our guests highly personalized service in an elegant, sophisticated hotel combined with the Cape café vibe. For an unrivalled luxury vacation and luxury accommodation in South Africa, this boutique hotel is the answer for you.


Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel
The hotel interior is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s bohemian and flamboyant lifestyle during the later part of the 19th century; our guests are surrounded by classic modern bohemian chic with 12 luxuriously appointed en suite bedrooms that are decorated with an eclectic mix of contemporary and antique furniture and using dramatic fabrics to maximize the effect.

Owners Villa
The Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel has as its presidential suite the Owner’s Villa. The space is decorated in a similar style to the main Hotel with fabrics and textures forming a rich woven carpet where the classic old world style of Cape Town meets the new beautiful café society. It is the ultimate choice for couples or discerning travellers who are seeking that extra special touch on their holiday.

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