8 reasons to fall in love with Mozambique

Mozambique is one of my personal favourite countries. Recovering from war and very grateful to not be in it anymore, the Mozambiquen people are gentle, friendly, innovative and very happy to see tourist helping their economically weak country recover. Here are 8 reasons you will not be able to resist the urge to return to this stunning country once you have experienced it.

  1. 2M

The most famous and widely enjoyed beer of Mozambique. This is one of their best exports and the only company in the entire Mozambique who survived the brutal war and if that does not impress you enough you should taste their beer. They truly have a winning recipe.

  1. Mozambiquen Peri-Peri Chicken.

The Mozambiquens have a way of flame grilling a Peri-Peri chicken to absolute perfection. Warning this can get very spicy so beware.

  1. Spectacularly tropical beaches.

Mozambique has some stunning untouched beaches and miles and miles of beaches. It is a very long country so coastline is not something they have a shortage of.

  1. Amazing prawns.

The Portuguese influence in the way they prepare their prawns makes it something quite memorable. You have to at least try it once.

  1. The hospitality of the Mozambiquen people.

The Mozambiquen people are famous for their friendly and helpful disposition towards tourist. They truly love their amazing country and are keen to share it with people contributing to it. Buy local fresh produce and fish and give back to these awesome villagers who keep their country beautiful for us.

  1. The sun setting over endless palm trees.

The coastline of Mozambique is covered with palm trees. They are beautiful and a great source of income to the local people. There are few things as stunning as watching the sun disappear behind the palm trees from the top of a dune.

  1. Snorkelling.

The marine in Mozambique is still relatively plentiful. You are sure to see some interesting and colourful characters under the water.

  1. Old Portuguese architecture.

The Portuguese have such a beautifully detailed and artistic ways of building. When they came to Mozambique they covered the country in these stunning building. A lot of them survived the war and they are quite a sight to see. Covered in bullet holes and nostalgia they have a strange sort of history about them.

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