4 South African souvenirs that are way better than a keychain

South Africans are some of the most creative people you will meet. As we are known as the rainbow nation, no colour is neglected. Support local and buy handmade, proudly South Africans souvenirs.

Hand Carved Gifts

The most beautiful and interesting wooden hand carved animals, flowers, table’s patterns and so much more can be found in South Africa. Some sold in curio shops, some on road side displays and some artists even walk around showcasing their work. These people are extremely gifted in imagining out of a simple piece of wood an amazing piece of art. Skip the cliché postcard and opt for a wooden giraffe instead.

Hand carved gifts


As in most African cultures, the art of pottery making and decorated have been passed down and perfected generation after generation. The Ndebele tribe are especially good at decorating these pots with their beautifully bright patters. You can go to make and decorate your own pot or mug or you can leave it to the professionals and purchase something from a curio shop. Make sure your product indicates that it is hand-made in South Africa.


Beaded Gift

Beaded jewellery and clothing is a big part of the African traditional dress code amongst especially the Zulu tribe. Beads are sewn into tops, the bottoms of skirts, shoes and even into their braids. The most beautifully colours big bulky necklaces are beaded with stunning bangles to match. This is one souvenir the girls cannot leave without.


Traditional Clothes

As we are on the subject of traditional attire, let’s talk about traditional clothing gifts. The w2ay South African designers have incorporated the traditional with the modern is truly astounding. The styles have become fitted and modern, competing with international styles yet still maintaining the stunning traditional stunning material.


Invest in our local talents and go home with something handmade and timeless.

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