10 reasons South Africa should be on your bucket list

So I think we all can agree South Africa is one of the most magnificent countries in the world. It is huge and fast and cannot properly be explored in a lifetime. The history and culture of our country is abundantly rich and so is our wildlife. Although it may be impossible to experience it all, here is a 10 countdown of the top 10 things you can under no circumstances go without when visiting South Africa.

  1. Go see South African art!

The South African art scene is one of the most controversial things in the country! The South Africans speak though art and boy do they have a lot to say. South Africans have gone through many struggles. Struggles of oppression, struggles of inequality and financial struggles leading to health struggles. Our country has been through a lot and it is truly shown in the art.

  1. Taste the world’s best wines on the farms they were produced.

South Africa is renowned for our excellent fine and going on the wine tours in the Cape will show you exactly why.  Wine making is art passed down through generation. It is down with precision and heart and we are definitely picking the grapes of their success.

  1. Biltong.

South African style dried meat that you will not get anywhere in the world. South Africans living abroad pay a lot to have this stuff shipped to them. A warning though, this salty snack is addictive you will just want more and more.

  1. The wild Coast.

One of the most untouched parts of the South Africa. Beautiful green mountain ranges touching beautiful sandy beaches.

  1. Gaze at the stars while sitting around a fire.

Due to the lack of pollution in the bushveld we have a stunning clear picture of Mother Nature spectacular show of stars. Add the smell of a wood fire burning and you`ve got yourself a pretty special experience

  1. Eat traditional South African “braai” meat.

South Africans are meat experts and our favourite way of cooking it is over the coals, add a black label (traditional South African beer) and your practically a local.

  1. Have a hike.

Beautiful hiking trails are scattered all over the most beautiful parts of South Africa. You are more than likely to come across one on your travel, do explore.

  1. Watch the African sun set over the bushveld.

There is nothing quite as spectacular as an amazing burning ball of sun disappearing under the African horizon.

  1. Cape Town.

An absolute mess of culture and crazy. Cape town needs no introduction, it needs exploration.

  1. Go on an African Safari.

Our animals are our biggest pride and joy. We protect them with all the assets we can muster up. Please enjoy the abundant wildlife Africa has to offer.

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